North Pole AK  sciatica sufferer receives treatment from Chiropractic Services

Treating your sciatica

Sciatica is a condition characterized by pain, numbness or weakness in the lower extremities. It is usually caused by a misaligned lower spine or a slipped disc. However, any degeneration as a result of long-term stress can lead to sciatica as well and waiting can cause long-term damage to your sciatic nerve, so it's essential to see a chiropractor when you first experience any pain. If you suspect you may be suffering from sciatica, the biggest mistake you can make is waiting till the pain becomes unbearable before you contact a chiropractor.

At North Pole Chiropractic, we perform chiropractic treatments for sciatica with highly skilled and experienced hands. After a complete examination and medical history review with Dr. Harrison, we will design a personalized treatment designed to your unique chiropractic needs and create a set of realistic goals and expectations.

With an arsenal of state-of-the-art technology and a team of multi-disciplinary medical professionals on staff, we are uniquely positioned to set you on the path to pain relief and recovery. So if you are experiencing pain in your legs or lower back, act now before the problem becomes a serious one. Call North Pole Chiropractic today to schedule a free consultation! 
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